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Bringing you the Newest Updates!

:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: ---. ..'+' ~*Sweet Captives*~ '+'.. .--- :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred:


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Featuring Crystallyna, :iconcrystallyna:, with her/his wonderful MMDs!

Her beautiful works of MMD are not to be ignored. Visit her dA page and her galleries, link:

:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink:

Greetings to all members of this group! Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our group, dear addicts of Len x Miku fans! Feel free to hang around in this group; submitting arts, photos, pictures, fan-fictions, novel, etc. of Len x Miku.

Here's some sweet captives you may scream with joy:

:bulletred: Novels, Fan-fictions of Len x Miku:…

Recommended stories:

1. c h r i s t m a s s i n g s - of lustrous teal and brilliant blonde
By: nyaxness

You know those cliched romance stories where strangers meet and somehow end up socialising and one confesses love at first sight? Well, this is one of those. Ish. Around a week before Christmas, sixteen year old Kagamine Len goes into a 24 hour cafe to warm up away from cold outside, meeting a certain tealette. Then they somehow end up sharing a table and stuff happens. LenKu.


2. Dangerous Playthings
By: ImaginaryFlower

Fourteen children of various ages, pitted against each other in a virtual reality. Of course, with teenagers, you never really know what's going to happen. Lenku; requested by Awesome DT :3


3. Because Love Simply Isn't Necessary
By: solitaryloner

A series of mostly unrelated one-shots and drabbles, with or without romance. Main pairing throughout will be LenKu. Genres and ratings will vary. Will be updated frequently. Feel free to give me an idea or request if you want me to do a one-shot for this series. I might do other pairings as well but LenKu will be my main priority. Usual rules apply - no yaoi, yuri or LenRin.


4. Bacterial Contamination
By: Awesome D.T

As a motley group of teenagers along with a highly integrated human weapon and the cure to a lethal bacterial contamination try to survive, they don't know that they're seeking safety from their very own doom . . . . .


5. To Say I Love You
By: Black White and Superstitious

Len Kagamine feels a little homesick. He left Wales a couple of weeks ago, and he's not good at making new friends. But who IS the tealette everyone keeps telling him to avoid? She looks troubled, and she has no friends. Maybe he can relate. It sucks to be different. MikuxLen. My first fanatic fiction, feel free to help and point to the mistakes. OuO rated T for plain truthfulness.


Please drop a review to all stories you've read, just to show your support!

:bulletred: Arts and Pictures:


2. Tegaki: [Need site since the site now is broken/changed]

:bulletred: Newest Songs:

1. Promised World, by Nefertiti:…

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Other Len x Miku groups in DeviantArt:

1. Len-luv-miku-club:

2. MikuxLen:

3. Miku-Len-Fan:

4. LenxMiku-Heaven:

5. Leek-x-Banana:

6. MikuxLen-Lovers:

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Other Len x Miku groups outside DeviantArt:

[Facebook] Len x Miku:…

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*Note: If you have something to share about Len x Miku, please do inform us and we will hang them up to let every members know and share the love.

- News updated on 23/12/2014

Gallery Folders

Len x Miku - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
Miku - Mistletoe by xxHazukiixx
Lonely Togetherr by xxHazukiixx
10th Miku Birthday by Guilmaster12
Story Collection
MikuxLen Yukata LOVE by Espirea
MikuxLen a White love by Espirea
Len kun has power by Espirea
Happiness and Peace Committee by whiteykids
Miku Hatsune Cendrillon by SarahShirabuki8000
Miku Hatsune Cendrillon by SarahShirabuki8000
Miku Hatsune Cendrillon by SarahShirabuki8000

Mature Content

2. Always with you pag.2 by Espirea
2. Always with you pag.1 by Espirea
Before friends, after lovers. by Hikari-Farron
LenXMiku 2 part3 by Guilmaster12
VOCA: LenMiku by Before-I-Sleep
LenMikuBanner by MikuFregapane
MikuLenBanner2 by MikuFregapane
Stamp by Strobeness
Mikulen_01 by ShikimaAkemi
Len x Miku-1 by FreedomDream
Arguing while walking by FreedomDream
MikuxLen colored by I2ADHS
Just Miku
Monopolized Romance:: by zhane17
-- in harms way -- by X-ImmortalHeichou-X
Happy Really Later Birthday Miku by Guilmaster12
Just Len
A day without you is like a year without you by Espirea
..::::TDA Len Crane::::... by Espirea
Yumekui Shirokuro Baku : Len - Birthday by MechArt-CharaChan
Vocaloid Colored Sketch Dump by purplemagechan


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Group Info

:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: Len x Miku :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink:

Welcome to [ Len x Miku = KAWAII ] group! We are a group of people (addicts) who supports Kagamine Len and Hatsune Miku as a pairing. Please enjoy staying in this group to look up the latest Len x Miku news from every directions.

We don't really have any rules around the group, but as a member, we hope you can respect other members and behave nicely in the group. For example, we bet everyone knows that spamming is actually an impolite way to tell others something, so don't do it. You can speak/type in a more proper way rather than spamming around.

Lastly, we do hope every members will contribute as much as they can to keep this group rolling. We don't aim for the first, but we aim for the best for all members.

Let's not fail to continue our support to our gracious pairing! :love:

~ FreedomDream

:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletpink:

Frequently Asked Questions:

:bulletred: "Excuse me, I have a question about the group. Who shall I ask to know more about the group?"

- You can always send a note to all of our admins, or to other members who can help out.

:bulletpink: "I would like to hold a (contest/party/celebration/anything that involves giving gifts away) for the group."

- Sure! But before making a big move, please do ask for permission from the admins. You can send an information or a note to the admins so they can know, and maybe helping to make an announcement to all members about the contest you held.

:bulletred: "Can I be an admin?"

- Why not? We need to have active admins to stay the group active. There are conditions that need to be fulfilled before you want to become an admin, that are:

1. Be mostly active.
2. Can contribute much for the group.
3. Kind and nice to every members of the group.

If you have fulfilled the conditions up there, we welcome you to join us!

:bulletpink: "I think I've made a mistake on ____ (ex. submit my work to a wrong folder), what do I need to do?"

- Please don't be shy to tell us about it. We can help you out!

:bulletred: :bulletpink: If you can more questions beside these, you can always refer to the admins to guide you. Happy browsing and have fun in the group!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 25, 2011


Group Focus
Fan Club

638 Members
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Ugh. Umm. Hi.

This is your Founder of the group speaking..Before I start my speech, I would like to give my apologies to every co-founders, contributors and members of the group..I'm super sorry on announcing the sudden "switching admins" news to the group. As a founder, I will drop this topic and will continue to guide the group as far as I can, until I have no choice but to give my seat out.

Flerz was kind of declining my idea of switching roles and stuff at the beginning of the time, but I was really busy at the moment and couldn't take much time to keep the group shining..In the end, I dragged Flerz down to the drain too..But after some time, I think I've made a harsh decision, since this group was made as a birthday gift and I'm free right now and currently digging into making some MMDs...Ughughughugh

I'm so sorry. I must have disappointed lots of people, especially the members who are passionate on willing to take over the group..Please forgive me and my impulsive decision. I'm so sorry.

Thousands of thanks to my fellow members for understanding, I will do my best and man up as a founder of this group.

Plus, our group and short on new active co-founders and contributors, I would like to invite some members to be with one of us. Likewise, I believe the conditions are written on the intro, if you've fulfilled the conditions needed, please come over and join us! Thank you.

~ FreedomDream
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:bulletred: :bulletpink: Thanks a lot to the groups which affiliate us! :bulletpink: :bulletred:
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